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Attracting and Retaining best-of-class-Talents – The global war for Talents is casting its Shadow

„More than 19 million US workers —and counting— have quit their jobs since April 2021, a record pace disrupting businesses everywhere. Companies are struggling to address the problem, and many will continue to struggle for one simple reason: they don’t really understand why their employees are leaving in the first place.

Rather than take the time to investigate the true causes of attrition, many companies are jumping to well-intentioned quick fixes that fall flat: for example, they’re bumping up pay or financial perks, like offering “thank you” bonuses without making any effort to strengthen the relational ties people have with their colleagues and their employers.

The result? Rather than sensing appreciation, employees sense a transaction. This transactional relationship reminds them that their real needs aren’t being met.“

The quote (above) and graphic (below) are from a McKinsey study. Actually nothing surprising and yet you can really only shake your head:

It is amazing how many organizations still only work on an transactional management approach instead of adding transactional elements to their leadership-philosophy. Employees are searching for meaningful interactions, not just transactions.

But, as the quoted study shows: „Employers can’t fix what they don’t understand. (…) the top three factors employees cited as reasons for quitting were that they didn’t feel valued by their organizations (54 percent) or their managers (52 percent) or because they didn’t feel a sense of belonging at work (51 percent).“

For our business, #interimmanagement or #interimleadership, it is essential that our „Angels“ who are in an assignment achieve to attract and inspire employees for a project. Especially when the tasks are huge, the time pressure is high and the history of a project is devastating, interim managers are in demand as modern, inspiring and winning leaders. Working on cultural changes is always challenging. This requires momentum – and the will to live this change on all levels.

Our Team at Management Angels is focussed on challenging interim assignments for more than 20 years. We are ready to support you in realizing your management agenda – get in touch with us.



Study of McKinsey: