Change Management and

Interim Management -
bringing changes to a conclusion

When companies are facing major changes, interim managers can stabilise and implement a necessary transformation process with their wealth of experience as well as their many years of leadership competence.

Crisis situations and their handling belong to the supreme discipline for managers. However, for strategic realignments and their implementation, there is usually a lack of human resources that cannot simply be withdrawn from day-to-day business. In addition, the extent of a crisis is often underestimated from an internal perspective, change processes are initiated too late or there is a lack of experience in implementing the necessary steps.

Interim managers, with many years of experience in dealing with crisis situations and successfully implementing change processes, provide a quick and flexible solution here. They have seen different change processes in companies, have made comparisons, gained important operational key learnings and can take an unbiased look at concrete problem areas. Their learning curve for new issues is therefore usually very flat and onboarding takes only a few days/weeks.

Our “Angels” are designers who take responsibility for you or together with you and dedicate themselves to your problems until they are solved. We know interim managers for whom your situation is not an unsolvable problem.

We will be happy to advise you and introduce you to managers available at short notice from our top-class pool.

Typical areas of application in restructuring and change management:

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