Experts for the energy transition

Many established companies in the energy sector, especially in the supply sector, are undergoing profound structural change. New business models are in demand, must be established and successfully managed in their growth. The energy sector is still in a process of renewal whose “market design” depends on political framework conditions. However, market consolidations and technological innovations are already attracting investors today – all in all, an exciting and diverse field of activity for interim managers and specialised providers with industry experience and lateral entry.

The energy industry has been one of the most important core industries for Management Angels for many years. We staff exciting key projects for our clients with several consultants. We support our focus on energy with a competence cluster for the energy industry, in which we have brought together the best interim managers on the market and have tied them to us for the long term. This energy competence cluster comprises around 350 renowned, internationally experienced managers and highly qualified experts.

We maintain close long-term contact with decision-makers in the energy sector and see ourselves as a network node between companies and interim managers.

We advise and support you in the following areas:


wind power (onshore, offshore), solar industry, storage (batteries, power to liquid), hydropower, biomass, supplier industry, project developers.


Grid operators, cable manufacturers, smart grids, oil/gas grids, project planners, transmission/distribution, construction industry

Energy supply

International energy supply companies, regional public utilities, municipal utilities, energy trading companies

Smart home/environment

home automation, smart metering, heat/heating, waste disposal industry

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