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Our centrepiece: The interim manager pool

We focus on the most successful 15% of top performers in the German market. These interim managers are highly sought after by companies of all sizes. They have usually worked on a freelance basis for many years and possess highly market-oriented qualifications.

Our goal is to unite the best interim managers in our network. For this reason, we have been strategically expanding our pool since 2000 and now have access to a core pool of 2,500 experienced managers known to us personally. It is only this close network that enables us to fill open vacancies in a prompt and customised manner. In addition, we have access to our downstream database with more than 7,000 specialized profiles of freelance specialist and managerial staff.

We have created industry clusters within our interim manager pool. Only those professioanls with extensive industry-specific expertise gathered over many years are included in these clusters. Our “angels” with industry experience in technology-intensive sectors such as manufacturing and TIMES markets (telecommunications, IT, media/online) are highly represented here.

In the course of more than 2,000 successfully completed projects, we have got to know top-class interim managers in the industrial sectors of energy, automotive, life sciences and the service sector, which means we are also well-equipped for the specific nature of those industries as well.


The proportion of deployments with project management assignments has consistently increased in recent years. In particular, our customers in the technology industries are increasingly looking for flexible support when managing complex projects. For this group of companies, our pool offers a fitting solution in employing experts who are available at short notice. Many of our interim managers have successfully implemented projects in companies, generating references that prove their ability to master a variety of challenges. Furthermore, the temporary covering of management tasks, whether related to finance, sales or restructuring, represents a traditional area of activity for our interim managers.

In recent years, however, our “angels” have also increasingly realized projects in functional areas such as finance, controlling, product management, production, logistics, purchasing, marketing, sales, HR or IT project management. We welcome this development, as companies are increasingly drawing on the strategic HR tool of deploying temporary managers in a cross-functional manner.

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After more than 19 years of providing interim managers, the focus of our pool is on experienced specialist and managerial staff. These managers have already had a successful career in management positions or in consulting before mastering project-specific challenges as freelance consultants. This is also reflected in the age profile of our core pool. With an average age of 48, our pool is somewhat younger than the industry average. Our broadest section of the pool, making up more than 50%, is the senior level of 40–56 years. Particularly in project management, however, we also have an increasing number of interim managers aged 40 and under. The age range therefore runs from 35-year-old “young talent” through to established managers in advisory or mentoring positions in their mid-60s.



Our international alliance with the WIL Group gives us access to a pool of managers comprising more than 38,000 profiles. This enables us to present the most suitable global candidate for a position.

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