interim manager in automotive sector


In the automotive sector, we work with automobile manufacturers, the supply industry, automobile sales as well as aviation.

interim manager in service sector

Service sector

Banks, financial service providers, consumer/capital goods trading, e-commerce, logistics and transportation companies all use our services.

interim manager in energy sector


Producers of renewable energies, infrastructure service providers, municipal services as well as energy trading companies rely on our “angels”.

interim manager in manufacturing sector


The traditional areas of activity for interim managers in the manufacturing industry as well as in mechanical and plant engineering.

interim manager in it sector


Interim managers are sought-after experts deployed as an answer to the continuing lack of specialized staff in the IT sector.

interim manager in life science sector

Life sciences

Our life science specialists provide support in the sectors medical engineering, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

interim manager in media online sector

Media / online

Whether an innovative start-up or an established publishing corporation, our interim managers lead groundbreaking projects.

interim manager in telecommunication sector


The industry with the fastest technical developments demands speedy and flexible solutions.