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Founding member of WIL Group

Management Angels is the German member of WIL Group, which offers a seamless way for companies to find Interim Management and Transition Management leaders to lead assignments globally.


For the first time, 18 leading Interim Management and Transition Management companies operating in 37 countries around the world, have come together to deliver truly global Interim Management and Transition Management solutions to clients around the world.


WIL Group is uniquely placed to help clients with their global issues and challenges.


The three key differentiators of WIL Group are:


  • WIL Group is the first company to offer Interim Management and Transition Management solutions on a truly global scale. With a combined turnover of over $83m and completing 485 assignments every year, it the largest group of its kind offering seamless, multi-country resourcing Interim Management and Transition Management services.
  • The company has unrivalled expertise as it comprises 18 Interim Management and Transition Management companies who are established leaders in their national markets and 85 Operational Partners – all former CEOs, business leaders or HR Directors –  with the insight, knowledge and expertise to solve their clients’ global business challenges.
  • The Group‘s vision is to be the number one company for global Interim Managers and Transition Managers by offering a unique “international multi-sourcing” model that leverages the assets of each member firm and ensures the best talent is selected for assignments globally.

over 30 years experience

in business since 1982

A talent pool of over

38,500 interim


85 experienced

client-orientated consultants

Turnover in excess of

$83 million

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Thorsten Becker
Thorsten Becker
Head of Business Development & International with full power of attorney

+49 (40) 44 19 55-10

Our services

WIL Group provides five global services:

  • Performance Improvement
  • Company Transformation
  • Turnaround & Restructuring
  • Services to Private Equity & Investment
  • Project & Programme Management

We have a talent pool of around 38,000 proven interim and transition managers ready to structure and lead complex projects, deliver sustainable change and create lasting value to clients worldwide.