Looking to China with Joerg Wuttke,
Vice-President of BASF

What will your challenges be in 2021 as a Western company in a booming Chinese economy?

We have been delighted to invite you to the first session of Cercle International with Joerg Wuttke, Vice-President of BASF & President of the EU Chamber of Commerce in China. Our WIL Group Partner from France, X-PM, run a vibrant international business club called “Cercle International” – a community of senior managers and executives who have spent several years of their professional life overseas.

Cercle International stimulates discussions around geopolitical developments, local markets and innovation in order to help companies to identify areas of focus in terms of investment, geography and supply chain trends.

Asia appears to be emerging faster and stronger from Covid-19 and it is predicted that thanks to open innovation and autonomy in almost all sectors, Asia will indeed drive world growth with 60% of world GDP. A series of virtual Cercle International events, devoted to this topic are being planned by X-PM’s Asian offices: Benefiting from Booming post-Covid Asia.

Learn more about X-PM’s Asian season Benefiting from the booming post-Covid Asia by watching the video below.


LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/wil-group_welcome-you-are-invited-to-join-a-meeting-activity-6871047728336515073-hSX0

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dM04qHAuPlc