Digital Transformation

How to implement assignments on a global level

Digital transformation is one of the most important priorities for businesses today. In the latest WIL Group global survey, which sought the views of almost 1,900 professional interims, more than a quarter of respondents’ most recent projects had a focus on digitalization. In 2018, this figure was just 4 per cent.

When faced with digital transformation, many businesses seek the skills and insights of an interim. There are many for reasons why interims can provide strong advantages. Let’s look at some of these…


When embarking on a major project, being ignorant of company politics, past failures or other internal company issues can be a big advantage. Bringing in an executive interim means that they will be completely single minded about getting the job done. They don’t need to try and win favour with executives or keep aligned with a particular career path – they just need to make the project a success.


With at least a quarter of our executive interims having worked on a digital transformation project recently, their experience will help your organization make the change a successful one. And this figure covers all disciplines: from management professionals to communications and HR specialists. We have executive interims that are specifically dedicated to leading major change and will have successfully delivered these kind of projects many times over in their career. Our interims are proven, trusted experts.

External insight

A significant advantage of an executive interim manager is that they have worked in many other organizations. While they will never reveal any company secrets, they can be a useful barometer of how your company is performing against others, and new ways to help you achieve your objectives. In addition, they will have overcome obstacles and challenges in other companies that may well help your organization achieve its goals faster and more effectively.

Results focus

An executive interim’s career relies on recommendations and endorsements; so, they always strive to achieve good results. Our survey found that more than 84 per cent of digital transformation assignments were successful – even though more than a third felt that there was a lack of strategic thinking behind the overall transformation plan. If you want your transformation to be a success, engage an executive interim.

Sector insights

Our executive interims span all market sectors and industry types. So, if you need someone with in-depth knowledge of a certain country, niche market or complex industry process, we can find one. The WIL Group has 18 offices around the world, operating across 37 countries. Between us we have a talent pool of more than 38,000 interim leaders.


Often time is of the essence when it comes to digital transformation – especially when the competition is clearly ahead. If you need rapid support to devise and implement a digitalization strategy that’s right for your business, hiring an executive interim can give you the speed you need.

At WIL Group our executive interims usually start work just days after we receive a new client brief. We’ll explore your needs and priorities and match up an experienced interim with the right skills and cultural fit. There’s no need for lengthy selection processes and induction periods – the professional will hit the ground running and drive change from the start.

To find out more about how WIL Group can supply the perfect interim for your transformation project, contact us today.



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