It starts with
the CEO

Interim management is an investment in the future. Not a side step movement in the present.

Recently Egon Zehnder‘s global CEO Advisory Group completed a study („It starts with the CEO“) involving nearly 1,000 CEOs worldwide. Here are the three main outtakes:

1. „Complexity and rapid change are reshaping business.“
2. „CEOs recognize they must change themselves to change the world around them.“
3. „CEOs sense their goal is prosperity for the many — but most are far from achieving it.“

These three statements are thought-provoking. Especially because the prioritization of the management agenda (see below) has remained fairly constant over the past few years.

In CEO decision-making, financial metrics rank first.
1. Financial (e.g., profitability, TSR, share price, sales)
2. Growth (e.g., market share, M&A, geographic expansion)
3. Talent management (e.g., considerations linked to diversity, leadership capability)
4. Innovation (e.g., new technologies, % profit from new products, R&D budget)
5. Health and Safety (e.g., incident rates, % improvement, stress-related absence)

The study also indicates: „The most forward-looking leaders are looking beyond traditional markers of performance and putting increasing focus on game-changing innovation, longer-term growth, and broader stakeholder interests.“

Does that sound familiar to you?

Interim managers – if used correctly – can be a catalyst for critical projects. Experience, leadership skills, methodological know-how and the willingness to implement real changes – these characteristics make independent interim managers indispensable.

Create momentum for your change agenda.

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Download der Studie auf Egon Zehnder: