Cross-Border Assignments

Cross-Border Assignments -
Successful on an international level

International projects and transformations are on the rise. But who can provide support here? Large consulting firms? In-house staff without international expertise and intercultural leadership experience? Possibly a combination. And in such a situation, operationally experienced interim managers should not be missing.

Management Angels also offer you the advantage of putting together project teams on an international level right from the start, if necessary with local staff on site who know not only the language but also the culture of those involved in the project or of your clients.

Interim management offers a quick and professional solution, be it in the form of a single manager or an entire team, which both triggers the change of attitude in the company, initiates the measures for restructuring and at the same time sets impulses for growth. And the last but decisive factor of transformation, the so-called renewal, also requires professional planning and implementation. Here, employees must be motivated to acquire new skills so that the company is prepared for future requirements. Experts with multiple transformation backgrounds and coaching expertise ensure this important process.

The Management Angels manager pool includes proven transformation managers with international project experience who can be deployed quickly and flexibly in your company.

The choice of the right personality is decisive for your and our success. We will be happy to discuss your current company situation with you.

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