What is
Interim Management?

Fast, flexible and proven.

Interim management is basically understood to mean any management and control task that is limited in time. In addition to classic management tasks, however, typical project management activities are also subsumed under this term, while pure implementation activities are not referred to as interim management.


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Interim Management – a proven personnel tool

For over 30 years, interim management has been firmly established as a personnel tool and is particularly suitable for challenging projects, unforeseeable crises or short-term vacancies. According to the Arbeiterkreis Interim Management Provider (AIMP), there are currently around 13,000 interim managers working in Germany, particularly in the automotive, chemical/pharmaceutical, ICT, mechanical and plant engineering, energy, service and trade sectors. The market volume is estimated at over 2 billion euros.

When does interim management make sense?

Typical for interim management assignments are bottleneck situations as well as the need for necessary management expertise that does not exist in one’s own company. Urgent projects that have had to be postponed due to a lack of human resources can be implemented through the short-term deployment of experienced managers with strong implementation skills. Especially in crisis situations, the time factor plays an important role in order to save a company in trouble from imminent insolvency. The short-term availability and flexible contractual relationships of interim managers are a great advantage compared to permanent employment, and the companies benefit from the independent expertise and know-how transfer of the experts.

How long do interim mandates last?

Depending on the breadth and depth of the task, interim mandates usually last six to twelve months. In complex projects or in the case of extensive restructuring, the duration can extend to up to two years. At C-level, mandates can also extend beyond one year to ensure sufficient continuity and coordinated processes.

Management Angels – one of the first providers in the German market

Thorsten Becker founded Management Angels over 20 years ago. Based on his early and very positive experiences with interim management in England, he recognised the need for Germany and took action.

Even though the service seems to be already established as a personnel tool, it still raises questions. What exactly is interim management, what are the typical fields of application and where do you find the right candidate? What distinguishes this from permanent employees or external consultants?

Every specialist and manager can be active in his or her career both on the side of a commissioning company and as an interim manager. Many managers in our SkillPool who have opted for interim management have themselves commissioned interim managers in their professional lives and learned to appreciate their way of working.

And if you then find yourself in the situation of wanting to start your own business in the course of your professional life, you should seriously consider interim management.

How do we work as an interim provider?

Our concept for success is based on proximity to our contact partners. The personal contact to decision-makers and demanders on the company side ensures targeted advice as well as the prompt and precise filling of challenging project enquiries.

1. We support the definition of your project

In the case of a project enquiry, we provide a fixed contact person from our consultant team right from the start, who is available for an intensive exchange.

In personal discussions, the initial situation is analysed and the specific project is defined. We provide support in designing suitable profiles that are precisely tailored to the project definition.

2. We present you suitable candidates

From our skills pool with over 2,500 personally known top performers and profiles of more than 6,000 high-performing specialists and managers, we put together a bouquet of candidates or an entire team of experts for you at short notice.

The offer, which is often made within 48 hours and under absolute discretion, usually includes three anonymised candidate profiles. We give a dedicated recommendation for the top candidate.

3. You get to know your preferred candidates

Telephone or video conferences with the candidates or personal interviews at the client’s premises are coordinated in a timely manner.

As a rule, this is accompanied by the consultant in charge of the client. 

4. We accompany your project to the successful end

After the selection of the suitable candidate(s), the onboarding starts, which is also accompanied by us. This takes care of all organisational requirements concerning the project. Our finance team takes care of the commercial administration, whereby the interim managers are usually invoiced on a daily rate basis. The consultant responsible for the project acts as an interface, is always on site, and ensures project administration and project controlling.